Abandoned Mining Town

The Final Cinematic

Here is a cinematic I created in Unreal. During the creation process, I only used one camera with zero cuts. As I was working on a schedule I thought it would be more efficient to record it all in one take then cut out the parts I didnt need later. I needed to edit it anyway, this was good workflow. When it came to editing it, I needed some help from a friend, we worked together in After Effects to cut, add some colour correction and transition effects You can find some information below on how I created some of the assets you can see in the cinematic

Creation Of The Wagon

When creating an asset list a wagon seemed like vital model to create so I made this one of the more urget models Initially, I started with the wood texture, found the base colour and changed it to blue. Once I applied it I added a black mask and then masked out each area that I wanted to have a wooden texture, once this was done I noticed that there were some issues with the grain, so to resolve this I used the same method as I used with the wagon before and rotated the texture and resized it. I then noticed the wood was still incorrect in some areas. I thought the best way to combat this would be to duplicate the layer add a black mask and then mask out the different areas to rotate and resize. I then added the same texture to the wheels but just changed the colour of it. I then added a metal texture and added a black mask, once again I found the base colour and changed it to a nice red colour.

Filler Assets

Here are some renders from Substance Painter that showcase some filler assets I created for my scene. These assets will not be main focal points but more, items to fill the scene and give the town some history whilst also making it look less sparce. All of these assets were made in 3Ds Max utilising an array of features and tools like, extrude, connect and inset. Along with some modifiers like symmetry and noise. I used Substance Painter to create the textures, I mainly used generators to add dirt but in some cases I painted some grime on models myself so the textures didn't look very procedurally generated.

Antique Store

For this scene I was using reference from a town in America called "Cerro Gordo" and this was one of the buildings. It was simple enough to create in 3Ds Max usings basic tools. To create the sheet metal I used a line spline which I then extruded twice to create the height and depth. It was a fun model to texture, I could fluently add some generators of dirt and rust to add some character and age to the piece.


Another essential asset to me was a minecart. Minecarts are obviously a staple asset in mining towns so I wanted to create one. The modelling process for this was quite simple, I used simple tools and modifiers to get the desired look. I toyed with whether I should create the asset out of seperate planks of wood or if I should get this look through the texures. Seeing as this wasn't going into a game, just a small scene I knew didnt need to scrimp on some extra geometry so I opted for this route. To create the texture I used a mixture of blending modes and generators.

Gordon House

This is one of the nicer houses I created for this scene. I created this in 3Ds Max using tools like extrude, connect and some modifiers like noise. For the texture I used Substance Painter, making use of blending modes and generators.

Old Lamp

I wanted to go into some extra depth with this piece. I looked at some reference images that show how metal can wear and then implemented that in Substance Painter. I really like how this turned out, I made sure it looked as natural as possible. I added more depth to this piece by changing some parts of the model making them look more dull and faded. Giving a sense of age.


Every time I think of an American scene, this first thing I think is guitar.The probably stems from old western movies, but its engrained in me and I really wanted to add one to my scene. This was one of the more challenging assets but I think I produced a very nice looking model. The texture on it is very good and well suited to the scene.