Sci-Fi Models

The Concept

This generator is one of my first Sci-Fi pieces. I really like how it turned out. For this piece I didn’t want to fully create a carbon copy of the reference image, so I used some artist license to add and change some aspects myself. Everyone in the team was happy with the model and it was added to the final scene in the project.

The Concept

I created this model during a group project in university. My reasoning for making this was to help the rest of the team. My role was to be the animator however, it occured to me that the individuals in charge of creating the 3D assets were drastically falling behind and losing motivation. As I was fast at my animating I knew I could fit in making a model to help the team out and hopefully boost morale. This reference image was sourced for me by a teammate, I then started the moddeling process.

Sci-Fi Door

Here is a Sci-Fi door I created in 3D Studio Max and textured in Substance Painter. I hadn’t made many Sci-Fi models in the past but when I did, I used reference images of other artists, this time I wanted to create one of my own design. Making the model more geometric made it look more futuristic. Originally, I textured this in all grey metal, but thought it looked very plain, so I added the accents of orange to give the piece more colour.