Medieval Diorama

Final Cinematic

Here you can find the final cinematic of the medieval diorama I create for university. This scene was created using 3Ds Max, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 5 and Quixel Mixer. This is the first project where I have used Unreal Engine 5 and I am quite impressed with its capabilities so far. Using Lumen, it is clear to see there has been significant improvement in the automatic aspect of the engine, however, I think this is strictly for games and doesn't translate well for vis work


Here is the whole scene presented on sketchfab, I used this medium to present my work as I think it is a very professional website to see an in-depth view on materials, poly count and topology. For this scene, I didn't strive for a very low polygon scene. The reasoning for this is, I was using Unreal Engine 5 and I wanted to test its limits with Nanite.

Close Ups


I took this screenshot so the godray effect on the door could easily be seen. I created this effect using bloom and a volumetric height fog. In my opinion, doing this gave the piece had more atmosphere, the minimal light coming from the outside accentuated the light from the fire.


I like this shield. The model itself is quite simple and wasn't very hard to create. It involved simple modelling tools and some modifiers like bend and taper. The texturing process involved standard techniques like adding metal edge wear generators, then some slightly more advanced techniques surrounding varied blending modes to create the colours.